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  Welcome to Aditus Healthcare Technologies!  

At Aditus HCT, our focus is on providing essential healthcare interoperability services to health plans, healthcare providers and other related parties.  Our primary goal is to facilitate the efficient and cost-effective sharing of data, which in turn helps reduce operational costs and administrative burden while enhancing the overall quality and efficiency of patient care.

What We Do

Aditus HCT specializes in offering pragmatic interoperability solutions that empower payers and healthcare providers to share data securely and efficiently. Our technology services enable the integration of diverse healthcare systems, ensuring smooth communication between insurance companies and medical professionals. Through our existing solutions and our ability to create custom products, Aditus HCT can help make real-time data sharing a reality, creating simpler workflows and a better experience all.

A photograph of a walking tunnel with purple walls. Also meant to convey the idea of getting from one place to another

Our Vision

We envision a healthcare landscape where collaboration and data exchange between healthcare organizations occur seamlessly. By simplifying the process of sharing critical information, we aim to streamline operations, ease burdens, and prioritize patient well-being.

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SMRTshare enables informed, bi-directional sharing of historical and current clinical encounter data between payers and providers. This empowers decision-making, optimizes treatment opportunities, enables more efficient payment processes, and streamlines healthcare operations. With robust security and straightforward integration approaches, SMRTshare paves the way for a healthier, connected future in healthcare. Join us today and revolutionize data exchange in healthcare.


Introducing SMRTshare
Streamlining Data Sharing for Better Healthcare.



Discover the full suite of healthcare technology services provided by Aditus. Our offerings cater to stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, providing expertise in app and software development, integration, provider recruiting, deployment, and operations. Partner with us for smart, cutting-edge solutions that elevate your healthcare experience.

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